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What kind of Europe after the European elections?

Tuesday, 4th June 2019

5.00 – 7.00pm, After the event a drinks reception will take place.

Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3RB


Joint Event with Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and Global Policy Institute

The panel members will discuss the European election of 2019 and its results. In particular, they will analyse the success (failure) of populist parties and their most likely impact on future developments of the European Union. We are particularly pleased to be able to discuss the results of the European elections in the United Kingdom!


Dr Giacomo Benedetto
Senior Lecturer in Politics – Jean Monnet Chair, Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Charlotte Galpin
Lecturer in German and European Politics and Deputy Director of the Institute for German Studies, University of Birmingham

RSVP: If you would like to attend please email, or ring the Trust on 020 8065 0324.

Brexit: two years into Article 50 – where are we?

Venue: Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3RB

Time: 27 March 2019 – 17.00pm – 19.00pm, followed by a reception

In the past years the Federal Trust, Global Policy Institute and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation have been deeply involved with Brexit process. This event will discuss the next steps shortly before the end of the original 2 year deadline. Guest speakers from both the UK and Germany will engage in a panel discussion.


Baroness Smith of Newnham

Director of the European Centre in the Department of Politics and International Studies, Cambridge University

Nicolai von Ondarza 
Deputy Head of EU/Europe Division, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik,SWP) 

Brendan Donnelly  
Director, The Federal Trust

Reservations to the federal trust


Monday, 22nd October 2018 – 15:00 – 18:00, Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU. 


EU27 citizens in the UK still face an uncertain future if Britain leaves the EU and British citizens still face being stripped of their EU citizenship.

The panels will address the following issues followed by an audience Q&A:

  • Will settled status end the uncertainty?
  • How can the rights of Britons in Europe be protected?
  • What will replace free movement in the future?
  • How can trust be rebuilt in local communities and nationally?
  • Will political participation be impacted by Brexit?
  • What are the human rights implications of Brexit for citizens?

The formal session will be followed by a drinks reception from 6-7pm.

The conference will be co-chaired by:

Brendan Donnelly, Director of the Federal Trust

Jacqueline Minor, Former Head, UK Representation of the European Commission

The panel lists include:

Sue Ferns, Deputy Secretary General of Prospect

Professor Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, Inaugural Chair in Law, Goldsmiths

Martha Spurrier, Director, Liberty (invited)

Oliver Garner, PhD Researcher in Law, European University Institute

Prof. Theodora Kostakopolou, University of Warwick

Tony Simpson, Permanent European citizenship ECI

Mark Lazarowicz, EU Citizens’ Rights Project, Scotland

Dr Ruvi Ziegler, Associate Professor, University of Reading

Dr Roxana Barbulescu, Academic Fellow in New Migrations, University of Leeds

This is a partner event of the Federal Trust – event registration is required. Please contact:


Brexit – Prospects for the economy and politics in Europe

Monday 14th May 2018 – 19:00 – Guest speaker: Dr. Holger Schmieding
Location: Berenberg Bank, 60 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8HP.

Prior to the referendum Dr. Schmieding was our guest speaker, when he was talking about the possible impact of Remain & Leave (in) the EU. The subject of the upcoming event will be an update on the Brexit negotiations and prospect for the economy and political stability in Europe.

We are also holding our General Assembly at this meeting.

The German Symposium

3 Day Event 28th February – 2nd March 2018 at the LSE

The event includes several senior high level guest speakers with political or economical backgrounds. To name some: the German Minister for Defense Ursula von der Leyen, the German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Brigitte Zypries and the CEO of ThyssenKrupp Heinrich Hiesinger.

Tickets and more information can be found here.

Brexit – The impact on the share market

Friday – 12. January – 14:30

Linklaters LLP – 1 Silk Street – London EC2Y 8HQ

The event will be an pen discussion with the JU delegation about the British politics and new ideas regarding the legal situation of the share market.


  • Introduction economical council in London
  • Observations of share market regulations and asset management in the light of Brexit

Possible actions from the German side

  • English share market law at a German court – Establishing a sub-court in Düsseldorf / Frankfurt and Munich
  • Support of Investments in foreign alternative Investments

Presentation of the Annual Report 2017/18 of the German Council of Economic Experts (GCEE)

Friday 08 December 2017 – Guest speaker: Prof. Volker Wieland

Followed by a discussion chaired by Elga Bartsch, Global CoHead
of Economics & Chief European Economist – Morgan Stanley

BayernLB, London Branch – Moor House
120 London Wall, EC2Y 5ET

This is a partner event of the German Economic Council.

How will the EU look in twenty years time?

Thursday 14th Dec 2017 – Guest Speakers: Andrew Duff & Kirsty Hughes            16:45 – 19:00 Mary Summer House, 24 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3RB

The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation is organising in cooperation with the Federal Trust and the Global Policy Institute to assess the contrasting and overlapping attitudes to major European questions in the UK and the Germany. The panel lists will speculate on how the EU may evolve over the next 20 years and will asses the impact of Brexit on the future of the European Union.

This is a partner event of the Federal Trust – event registration is required. Please contact:

The alternative discussion to Brexit

Monday 15th January 2018 – Guest Speaker: Robert Bischof                                  19:00 at Lancaster Hall Hotel, 35 Craven Terrace, London W2 3EL

We are delighted to welcome Robert Bischof, Chairman of the German-British Forum as our guest speaker. Mr. Bischof is going to refer critically on the negotiations so far between Great Britain and the European Union. In this framework Mr. Bischof will present alternative perspectives on the Brexit debate.


Who is Robert Bischof?

Robert (Bob) Bischof is a German, who has lived and worked in Britain for 40 years. He is well known for his outspoken comments on economic, political and industrial issues concerning Britain and Germany. He is convinced that the two countries can gain much by learning from each other.

A regular speaker at conferences and events, he has co-authored a number of books, and had numerous articles published in German and British newspapers on economic issues. He also appears regularly as a commentator on TV and Radio in both countries.

England Alone – Brexit and the Crisis of English Identity

Wednesday, 15th November 2017 – Guest Speaker: Stephen Haseler
17.30 – 19.30, London Metropolitan University, 84 Moorgate,                           London EC2M 6SQ, followed by a reception

This is a partner event of the Federal Trust – event registration is required. Please contact:

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